On today's episode of 5 Fits we chat with Nina, who is always jetsetting to new places, and is as hard to track down as Carmen San Diego. Nina is an old friend, and it was great to catch up!

FIT 1:

Free People overalls, sweater, baseball cap, and boots 

I LOVE overalls! I used to rock overalls as a kid and as I got older I looked for years for a good pair that fit right and finally found this pair from Free People. I usually pair it with most any tight fitting top or sweater underneath (depending on the weather). I also really like the look of overalls with a baseball cap! Especially the red Post Season cap!

Hi Nina! What's new?

I have been renovating my house for the past year so I am finally in the stages of buying furniture and moving in. I have worked SO hard on it and love the way it turned out so I am thrilled to finally start living there and decorating. Other than that I am starting to work a lot more since event season is starting up again strong and just enjoying this warm weather! 

What's your fit currently?

One of my go to casual but cute outfits is just black biker shorts, an oversized T-Shirt, and gold hoop earrings. Currently the T-shirt I'm rocking is a gray one that I got when I was working an event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

You seem to always be on the go. What are some essentials you take with you when traveling?

My pillow, my film camera, sunglasses, and a good pair of walking shoes!

FIT 2:

Zara pants, black tank, Madewell Sunglasses, Black boots, and Rebecca Minkoff leather jacket. 

This outfit I had a little more fun with! I have actually had these pants in the back of my closet for probably over 10 years and just never wore them for some reason. I thought that Spain would be the perfect place to bring them out. I paired them with a black tank, black sunglasses, and then I got this maroon color leather jacket as a gift which I thought added the perfect amount of color. Plus I think a good leather jacket just elevates any outfit! 

What's your day job when you're not jetsetting or finding the best threads in Pittsburgh?

I do a little bit of everything! Being able to have a flexible schedule and choose when I want to work is my priority since I travel so often. Fortunately, I work with some great event companies that allow me to do that. While I am not working events I also do some bartending and manage a couple rental properties in the Southside(Pittsburgh)

 FIT 3:

Free People Dress, black heels, black sunglasses, Jewelry. 

I love a good quality dress! I found this one at Free People and loved the way it fit on me. I thought the open back was nice and the material is a nice thick quality. Wearing a nice flowy dress on a nice day is one of the best feelings! 

We've known each other since college, but you've always had your own unique style. What/who are your biggest influences?

Honestly I get my best style ideas from looking at what other women are wearing when I travel! I especially always love to see what European women are wearing when I travel there. They just have a very simple, chic and effortless look to them. I think part of that reason is that their clothes are always very tailored to their bodies and fit them like a glove no matter what they have on. There is such a difference when you can find the right style of clothes that not only fit your body type, but that fit you individually very well. And I think how you carry yourself goes a long way in elevating your style and owning what you have. 

If money was no object, what's one grail you'd snag today?

I am going to cheat a little with my answer and not give a specific item… but if money was no object I would definitely plan a trip to a city such as Paris or Milan just to have a shopping spree for all the classic basic pieces and vintage items I could discover. 

FIT 4:

I’m going to bend the rules with this outfit and just say… Cowboy hat and Cowboy boots. 

My family has a vacation house out in New Mexico so I have spent a lot of time out West since I was a teenager. I turned 30 last year and really just started to look at life from a different aspect. Life is short and we shouldn't always take it so seriously! I feel like putting on cowboy boots and a cowboy hat is just so fun. I typically pair them with jean shorts and a tank top but I also really like this two piece dress set for a little dressier look. But there are endless outfit combinations I try out. I also got this fringe leather jacket at a second hand store in Arizona which I love to wear on chillier nights. I always have a good day when I decide I'm going for a western vibe. I feel like a cowboy hat and boots can turn any outfit into a good time. Yeehaw!
 What's the next trip you have planned? And are you looking for anything in particular?

I am actually going to Florida this week to stay with my sister and niece. I am always on the hunt for jean shorts! I feel like as I have gotten older it is very hard to find a pair of jean shorts that aren't either too short or too long while being really good quality at the same time. Typically older denim holds up way better and just feels nicer then a lot of the newer jean shorts you find today. 

You've seen Post Season in its infancy and actually worked an event for us. What's your biggest takeaway with the company, and is there anything you'd like to see us do in the future?

While I was working an event in person(October Neighborhood Flea) it was really exciting to see that your shop appealed to everyone of all ages! I knew a younger crowd was drawn to Post Season but it was fun to see older adults look around and say things such as “I used to have a shirt just like this” or “I have this hat at home that I got when I was a teenager” and they would tell the story about how they came about that item or tell an old story related to the sports team that was on the shirt. It is definitely a store for everyone! 

 FIT 5:

Calvin Klein Jeans and my dads old crew neck

This outfit is a little more special to me than all the others. First off, these jeans are one of my favorite pairs I own! They are vintage Calvin Klein jeans I bought second hand online. They have a loose fit and they are SO comfortable to travel in! I always get compliments and questions about where I got them from women about these jeans when I wear them out. 
The old beat up crew neck was my dads. He used to be a volunteer Murrysville fireman and he would wear this sweatshirt all the time when he was working so I have a lot of memories of him in this. Unfortunately he passed away suddenly in October 2022. Losing him has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through in life. Grief is a wild journey and I miss him everyday. Wearing his old clothes makes me feel closer to him and this sweatshirt is one of my favorites to put on if I need a little extra warmth.

That's a beautiful tribute to your dad. I'm sure he'd be very proud. Thanks for chatting with us Nina, Have a great day!


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