Welcome to the first edition of 5 fits!

An interview series where we chat with folks about what fits make them feel their best!

To kick things off, we interview Zach Nading.

Zach is an Austin, Texas based editor at theChive. Zach is a connoisseur of 90's culture, all things Pittsburgh, beer league softball, and last but not least, my brother in law. 

Fit 1: A Vintage Homestead Grays Hat and PSV Shop Tee

Zach: I’m a big baseball guy! I love the classic look of the Homestead Grays negro league caps. The pinstripes are a gorgeous touch, and you know I had to rep PSV!!!

Joel: Thanks for the shout out Zach! Always repping Pittsburgh, and the brand! Anyways, How's it going?

ZachIt’s going great! it’s currently 60 degrees out in Austin. At work, trying to finish the year strong. Can’t complain!

Joel: That's what's up. It's currently 27 degrees in Pittsburgh, and I'm wearing 2 pairs of pants to cope. No jealousy over here. What's your fit currently?

Zach I happen to be wearing the PSV Shop Tee paired with the Homestead Grays hat.

Joel: Just like in Fit 1. Who would've thought? What's your day job when you're not hitting dingers at beer league softball or finding the rarest threads in the greater Austin Area?

ZachI’m an editor at theCHIVE. I write about 4 editorial pieces per day including interviewing some pretty cool celebs.

Joel: That's the dream! theChive is peak millennial nostalgia. The fact they've handled the ebbs and flows of an ever changing media world, and come out on the other side is a testament to them. 

Fit 2: New Found Glory/RSVLTS Shorts - Spitalfield Band Tee

Zach: I like loud clothing. But I’m also not afraid to rock a band tee when the occasion calls for it. New Found Glory/RSVLTS shorts and Spitalfield shirt made for a nice combo.

Joel: Catalyst by New Found Glory is one of the first cds I remember buying. What a band. What a time. RSVLT's taps into millennial nostalgia and doesn't let go. They know their demographic and get straight to the point.

Good stuff! You recently moved to Austin, which in my experience is a melting pot of different cultures, and people aren't afraid to dress how they want to dress regardless of opinion. How has your short time there influenced your style?

ZachGreat question. I’ve always been ‘loud’ if you will, when it comes to clothing. I love patterns, I love textures, but I also love being comfortable. I might say that my wardrobe now revolves around shorts more than it ever has, if only because of the climate.

Joel: Right! It's crazy how much climate affects your wardrobe. Here in Pittsburgh we have 12 seasons so wardrobe changes are constant: Winter, Fools Spring, Slush, 2nd Winter, The Great Pollening, Actual Spring, Summer, Lucifer's Doorstep, Early Fall, 2nd Summer, and Fall.

Fit 3: Fair Isle Knit Sweater and Turtleneck

Zach: I’m not afraid to get decked out for the holidays. Thanksgiving fit went hard this year.

Joel: Fair isle is so classic! There's not much better than one upping your uncle Pete when you roll into Turkey day dressed like a million bucks! Speaking of a million bucks, If money was no object, what's one grail you'd snag today?

ZachIf money was no object, I’d want a Ron Francis Hartford Whalers hockey jersey (green or white) from back in the day. That’s my grail.

Joel: The Whale! One of the greatest, if not the greatest logos in sports history. We need to start a petition to bring the Whalers back to Hartford. It would unify this country. The Whalers were such a 90's sports staple. Going off that, What's influenced your style the most? A person? A decade? A movie? 

Zach: Honestly I think growing up in the nineties has really influenced my style. I know I’m 35 now, but I love throwback designs, vintage jerseys, bright colors, gaudy shirts, etc… I’m the stereotypical ‘90s kid who turned into a 35-year-old manchild.

Joel: We're definitely a generation that's trying to hold onto that youth. We also had the greatest kids television shows and movies of any generation! Nickelodeon? Come on!

Speaking of movies, what's the best movie ever made, and why is it Little Giants?

Zach: The best movie ever made is Little Giants, partially because Rick Moranis was still acting. And IceBox is amazing.

Joel: The Annexation of Puerto Rico is still run at every Turkey Bowl from sea to shining sea. Uncle Pete never knows it's coming. 

Fit 4: Nate Mclouth Red Pittsburgh Pirates Jersey

Zach: I love rocking threads, my collection is over 70 different jerseys at this point (absurd.) This Nate McClouth red Pittsburgh Pirates jersey is special. My best friend gifted it to me when he asked me to be his best man. Of course I said yes.

Joel: That's the best! That's part of the reason why this company exists. There's something special about being gifted or finding a piece and knowing that it's never for sale, and you'll take it with you wherever you go. 

Well Zach, It was great chatting with you! Thank you for taking the time! Haleigh and I need to get to Austin and visit ASAP! Is there anything else you'd like to add/promote?

ZachPlease come to Austin, I also have an interview coming out shortly with Aaron Schwartz (Karp - Mighty Ducks, Gerald Garner - Heavyweights)  keep an eye out!

Fit 5: Mighty Ducks - Charlie Conway Jersey

Zach: Possibly my favorite jersey that I own. I love the Mighty Ducks. This is such a good look, straight out of ‘93. Clean and comfy.

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