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Today we chat with Travis Johnston.

Travis and his wife, Caroline, 2019

Travis is an Indianapolis based, one time wedding officiant, who works in the college athletics sphere. He's a good friend and former college rugby brother. I'm excited to see what he's up to!

Joel: Trav! How's it hangin?

Travis: As Devon Miles (Nick Cannon) says in the critically acclaimed, pop culture classic, coming of age film, Drumline - Everything is everything.

Joel : I'm not sure what that means so I'm going to take it as disrespect. What's your fit currently?

Travis: As I write this, I am wearing brown/khaki work jeans (some paint stains included) with an oversized plaid dress shirt over a PSV exclusive find - Emerald Isle, N.C., sailing t-shirt. Easily my favorite t-shirt currently. It feels one of a kind, and the unique, faint, horizontal pint striping sets it apart. See Below:

  • This fit incorporates my favorite t-shirt.
  • It's a Post Season Vintage special and it's super unique. Nothing else like it!

Joel: If I remember correctly that shirt never made it to a market or the website because you stole it, but also paid for it. Speaking of stealing, of the hearts variety, Have you officiated any more weddings? Or was mine and Haleigh's a one and done? What a doozie.

Travis: I think you can put me in the same class as Vanilla Ice, Right Said Fred, and the Baha Men. A one-hit wonder! But honestly, I can't imagine another wedding would be as meaningful for me to officiate as yours. So, I'll happily call it a career after that. 

Haleigh, Joel, and Travis at the Altar - 2022

Joel: It was a masterclass in one time wedding officiating.  You did a fantastic job. Speaking of jobs! What's your day job when you're not digging through goodwill bins and finding the rarest threads in the Hoosier state?

Travis: My day job is college athletics. The industry is experiencing a tremendous amount change right now, so being able to disconnect with hobbies such as vintage picking really helps with remaining balanced. 

FIT 2:
VTG Colours by Alexander Julian red/green/white plaid dress shirt (typically paired with dark jeans and brown chukka boots)
  • I am actively working toward transitioning my entire work wardrobe to vintage/picked and this piece is my number one contributor. 
  • It's special because it demonstrates that good/quality items can be salvaged and appreciated. 

Joel: That transition can be quite the process and overwhelming, but at the end of the day keeping cool pieces in circulation helps not only the planet, but your local community.

What sparked your love for secondhand and vintage? The whole rugby team wearing thrifted suits to our university's student awards was a real trigger for me. We brought the house down.

Point Park University Rugby Football Club - 2013

Travis: Well, I'd say I gained a lot of respect and passion for vintage clothing from you, personally, and Post Season Vintage. Plus, I've always loved the nostalgia of thrifted threads and being able to express myself through unique finds. I take a lot of pride in finding hidden gems and wearing things that are no longer made. Obviously, they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. I think that's the thrill of it all. Thrifting has taught me to appreciate and care for the things I find valuable. For example, I cherish my Dirty Heads concert t-shirt collection that I have established over years of following the band. One day I hope to pass along those shirts to my kids, so keeping them pristine while also getting good wears out of them is important to me. 

Joel: You saying that means a lot. You're about to make tears come out of my face! In all seriousness, It really is fun and meaningful to find grails when you're digging endlessly through racks. To me it's an addiction, and so much fun. I have so many thrifted items that I can never part with. It's also great getting sweet deals instead of paying full price. Based on that, If money was no object, what's one grail you'd snag today?

Travis: I enjoy simple clothing, so it wouldn't be anything too earth shattering. I'd probably snag a vintage leather bomber jacket. I've been hunting around for a good bargain, but if money was no issue, I'd be happy to splurge a bit on that. Money aside, the real issue is closet space... So, closet space aside, I would be scooping up every vintage graphic tee, crew neck, overshirt, that I could get my hands on. 

Also, I'd probably spend way too much money on shoes. Classic Nike Blazers, Air Maxes, New Balances of all varieties. That sort of thing.

FIT 3:
Oversided Rusted Root 1998 Fall Tour t-shirt
  • Another absolute go-to.
  • Such an eclectic shirt and design.
  • I danced with my mom at my wedding this spring to Rusted Root's "Send Me On My Way," and this shirt helps encapsulate that moment for me. 

Joel: Matilda. Can't think about anything but Matilda when I hear Rusted Root...
I mentioned in the preface to this article, we spent a whole lot of time on the rugby pitch back in our college days. I know a lot of my style is based on rugby. I can't get enough polo's and shorty shorts, but for you, how are the aches and pains post collegiate rugby career? Has 4 years of rugby added to your style?

Travis: Oooof, I question the ol' noggin every now and then, but I feel relatively healthy. Some days you could say I look like I'm rolling home from a rugby match. I definitely need more rugby polos in the closet though. 

 PPURFC, 2013

Joel: My knees still ache 10+ years later(laughs). A couple questions left! Name one person or celebrity that influences your style.

Travis: I think I pull some inspiration from the Beastie Boys, honestly. Oversized t-shirts, layers (be it hoodies, jackets, flannel, overshirts), cuffed jeans, a hat (mostly), and some worn out sneakers. Makes a good errands (or as we say in Pittsburgh, runnin') outfit.

Joel: The music video for 'Sabotage' was very a religious experience, style wise. 


FIT 4:
      Yellow Speedo tank top (paired with shorts/bathing suit and a retro hat)
  • Another PSV gem. 
  • A no brainer purchase for fun in the sun
Joel: Another piece that never made it to the shop! Now the most important question...drum roll please. What's the best movie ever made and why is it D2 Mighty Ducks?

Travis: A classic... I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but D2 Mighty Ducks (on VHS copped from Red, White and Blue(Pittsburgh infamous thrift store) was my go-to hangover movie in college played on my combination VHS/DVD player I got for Christmas. Nothing brought me back to life quite like the true underdog story of Team USA's win at the Junior Goodwill Games. 

Joel: The Starter Team USA olympic sweatsuits are still a grail of mine. Nothing better. Thanks for chatting it up! Anything else you'd like to add/promote?

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Travis: Everyone be sure to stay up on the latest drops from Joel and Haleigh at Post Season Vintage, and be sure to follow them on the market circuit in the new year! 

Joel: You're a walking, talking, ad-read for the brand! Thanks again, brother! Have a nice holiday!

FIT 5: 


  • Not a week goes by where every item in this photo is worn (together or not).
  • The Steelers hat speaks to how vintage style has come back in a real way. Even though this hat was bought in 2023, it has major 90's/00's vibes. 
  • The PSV shop tee is a go-to for always.
  • The denim Comcast button up has become my all-time favorite item. Straight from the Stepdad collection. It was a part of his uniform back in the day as a cable guy. Serves my vintage style well and is a conversation starter.
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